Dire Wolves: Starvation

Dire Wolves: Starvation is a single action turn based strategy game, where each player controls their own pack of wolves. Set on a desolate planet amidst a never ending harsh winter, these apex predators set out to hunt food and claim territory. Will you starve or feed?






In Dire Wolves: Starvation, each player will be controlling a wolf pack. Players can choose different types of wolves within their pack, each wolf having different actions and leadership traits. Wolves will explore and claim territory to secure sustainable food sources. The more valuable regions they control, the more food they will consume to secure their claim.

Dire Wolves: Starvation uses a streamlined action economy mechanism to keep gameplay moving, to reduce downtime between turns, and to maintain tension. During game play you may encounter some direct conflict with your fellow players. Your wolves will flee or return to their den until they are fed, so they are never lost. The player that can keep their packs bellies full while maintaining control of the most coveted regions will be declared the winner when the winter breaks. More importantly: They are a survivor.