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  • New Cover Art for Sugarworks
    We’re excited to share the new cover art for Sugarworks! For our box art and other marketing material, we have a fantastic image of the Sugarworks factory floor that was created by Julie Perez. The image shows the chaos of the factory and lets you feel like you’re a part of the mayhem. Julie was… Read more: New Cover Art for Sugarworks
  • Coming Soon on Kickstarter!
    Head over to Kickstarter and sign up to be notified when we’re ready to launch the campaign. We’re excited and we hope you are too!
  • Coming Soon
    We’re working on bringing a new website to you so that we can share our projects with you. See you here soon!

Upcoming Projects

  • Sugarworks
    The conveyors are out of control and there is candy all over the place. Sugarworks employees rush to adjust the conveyors to coax the unruly candy into the appropriate packages. Fulfilling orders will earn points. Unfortunately, the candy lines are all mixed up and the candy is colliding and moving all over the place. How… Read more: Sugarworks
  • Dire Wolves: Starvation
    Dire Wolves: Starvation is a single action turn based strategy game, where each player controls their own pack of wolves. Set on a desolate planet amidst a never ending harsh winter, these apex predators set out to hunt food and claim territory. Will you starve or feed? Strategy 2-4 20-40m 12+ Light+ In Dire Wolves:… Read more: Dire Wolves: Starvation
  • The Night Stalkers
    The Night Stalkers will take you on a heart-pounding tale of murder, mystery, investigation, and hopefully for your sake; survival . Players will control characters with unique abilities to investigate and trap the mysterious Night Stalker. During the game you will use your six action cards in very unique ways and utilize a communal investigation… Read more: The Night Stalkers
  • Re-rolling: Contracts and Banks
    Greetings, fellow board gaming aficionados! Welcome back to Re-Rolling: A Journey Through Game Design and Self-Publishing. Today, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of setting up your financial foundations and bringing aboard your first Independent Contractors. Let’s roll the dice and explore these crucial steps together. Let’s dive in! In our last installment, we touched upon the importance… Read more: Re-rolling: Contracts and Banks
  • Re-Rolling: From Hobby to Business
    Welcome back to Re-Rolling: A Journey Through Game Design and Self-Publishing, where we discuss the ins and outs of board gaming entrepreneurship and our personal journey to forming Through The Ash. I’m Michael, and in this edition, I’m thrilled to share the story of how I transitioned this hobby of mine into a thriving Multi-Member LLC… Read more: Re-Rolling: From Hobby to Business
  • Re-rolling: The Starting Point
    Welcome to the first entry of Re-rolling: A Journey Through Game Design and Self-Publishing, where we will embark on a journey through the world of board gaming design, manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, entrepreneurship and everything in between! Join us as we share our experiences, tips, insights, and what things we would have “Re-rolled” if possible. This blog… Read more: Re-rolling: The Starting Point