• Sugarworks


    The conveyors are out of control and there is candy all over the place. Sugarworks employees rush to adjust the conveyors to coax the unruly candy into the appropriate packages. Fulfilling orders will earn points. Unfortunately, the candy lines are all mixed up and the candy is colliding and moving all over the place. How…

  • Dire Wolves: Starvation

    Dire Wolves: Starvation

    Dire Wolves: Starvation is a single action turn based strategy game, where each player controls their own pack of wolves. Set on a desolate planet amidst a never ending harsh winter, these apex predators set out to hunt food and claim territory. Will you starve or feed? Strategy 2-4 20-40m 12+ Light+ In Dire Wolves:…

  • The Night Stalkers

    The Night Stalkers

    The Night Stalkers will take you on a heart-pounding tale of murder, mystery, investigation, and hopefully for your sake; survival . Players will control characters with unique abilities to investigate and trap the mysterious Night Stalker. During the game you will use your six action cards in very unique ways and utilize a communal investigation…