Re-rolling: The Starting Point

Welcome to the first entry of Re-rolling: A Journey Through Game Design and Self-Publishing, where we will embark on a journey through the world of board gaming design, manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, entrepreneurship and everything in between! Join us as we share our experiences, tips, insights, and what things we would have “Re-rolled” if possible. This blog will cater to both board gamers and board game publishers, while also serving as a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their own ventures. Let’s dive in!

Michael here,

Our story begins in 2021 when I had a vision to assist fellow gamers who purchase games with unpainted miniatures. Determined to provide a reliable and affordable solution, I took the first steps towards having my own business. However, the journey to establishing my company was not without its challenges.

As I brainstormed names for my company, I soon realized the significance of prioritizing the availability of a corresponding website domain before becoming attached to any particular name. After several iterations of names I liked, I settled on Through The Ash, quickly purchased that name on GoDaddy but there are so many other companies like them if you don’t want to use them. That name resonated with what became our company’s mission and that mission is “Crafting immersive gaming experiences that ignite the spirit of adventure within every player.” Having selected our name and securing the domain, I promptly proceeded to register the business with the state of Ohio and acquired the Employer Identification Number (EIN) through the efficient services of Zen Business.

Next on the agenda was crafting a visual identity for Through The Ash. I turned to an online company to design the logo, a crucial element in establishing the brand’s identity. The process of getting your branding nailed down can take some time, so don’t feel overwhelmed by the process. With the branding in place, the focus shifted to creating a professional online presence on as many Social Media platforms as I could handle. HostGator became the hosting platform of choice as he worked tirelessly to bring the website to life, but I was unsuccessful at this particular step of the process.

In this section we will reflect on our past actions, decisions and what we may have done differently for better results.

1. Lack of Expertise:
I realized that I didn’t possess enough knowledge about getting a website up and running efficiently. In the fast-paced digital world we live in, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business. Without the necessary expertise in web development, I found himself grappling with technical challenges and struggling to keep up with the competition. Bringing in a partner which he eventually will do (Josh) or budgeting for a company who specializes in this area could have saved him valuable time and resources, allowing the business to thrive more rapidly.

2. Logo Design Pitfalls:
Another area where I stumbled was in the realm of logo design. When working with a company to create a logo, I didn’t ask all the right questions upfront. Here are a few crucial queries that I wished he had raised:

Variations: How many variations of the logo will I receive? Having a range of options to choose from can help ensure that the final design truly reflects your brand identity.

Ownership: Will the logo be exclusively yours, or does the design company retain the right to sell similar concepts to other entrepreneurs? It’s essential to clarify ownership rights to avoid potential legal disputes down the road.

Copyright and Trademark: Once you’ve settled on a logo, will it be copyrighted or trademarked in any way? Protecting your brand assets is vital for safeguarding your business against infringement and unauthorized use.

So, what can we learn from my experiences? Firstly, the importance of seeking out expertise where we lack it cannot be overstated. Building a business is a collaborative effort, and surrounding ourselves with individuals who complement our skill sets can be a game-changer.

Secondly, when it comes to pivotal decisions such as logo design, thorough research and clear communication are key. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and advocate for your brand’s best interests.

As we continue navigating the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, we’ve come to fully embracing the idea of “Re-rolling” – viewing our past setbacks as opportunities to contribute to a stronger gaming community. Together, we’re committed to learning from our experiences, nurturing growth, and collectively steering towards success.

Join us next time on Re-Rolling as we explore more insights and adventures in the world of board gaming entrepreneurship.

Until then, keep rolling those dice and embracing the journey!